Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Few Wedding Pictures!

Yearly Post.....

Well it appears that I am incapable of posting more than once a year on my little blog and it is that time of the year again. When reading my last post I realized just how much has changed since you last heard from me. First and foremost I GOT MARRIED! Several years ago my dear friend Mandy Hathaway told me I should go out with her brother when he got home from his mission and I immediately disregarded the comment because in all honesty, if he was on his mission at the time then I was already older than him and if it was Mandy's brother then chances are that I would be taller than him.....and I was right on both counts. Wouldn't you know it, at the beginning of my semester back in Laramie I meet up with some old friends that had just returned from missions and they are roommates with this Hathaway fellow I was supposed to meet. After I met Evan Hathaway we became fast friends and soon went on our first date September 19th, 2010 to a Lynyrd Skynyrd/Dierks Bentley concert as a result of a bet - a better story than it sounds like :) We made a bet that basically resulted in us going on a date no matter who won and since Evan asked me out first I had to take him on a date too. Immediately we we set for two dates and we never stopped dating once we started. In March after Evan returned from a week long spring break trip to Texas with a truck full of guys it must have made him realize that life without me was unbearable :) so he asked me to marry him and I promptly said yes! We were married in the Logan temple June 10, 2011 and have been living in happiness for the past 5 months. For those that have also been through the newlywed stage you can appreciate what it means when I say that WE STILL LOVE EACH OTHER!

Additionally, I have been working on a Masters Degree in History for the past semester and that means I am almost a quarter of the way done! Evan is an AgroEcology major and studies all sorts of plants and bugs and soils that I don't even pretend to understand but I appreciate what he is learning and try to show an interest when he asks me if I know the name for a plant while we are walking around outside. If all goes according to plan then we will both graduate around the same time and then the big decisions begin.....where will we live? when will we have kids? what will we name them? what jobs will we have? The list goes on. Anyways, that should have caught people up for the most part and in true Olivia fashion I will end by saying I'll make an attempt to be better at this blogging thing. Also, I'm attempting pictures.....who knows how that will work out!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

Hello fellow bloggers. In case some of you were unsure, yes, I am still alive although I can understand how you may have thought I had fallen off the face of the planet since my last blog was about a year ago...YIKES! Anyways, let me bring you up to date. After working at Mountain View Middle School for a year and failing to get hired once again as strictly a social studies teacher I made the decision to return to school. I have been asked a million times what my major is and the answer is, I don't have a major. I am undeclared but working on an Earth Sciences endorsement. This only requires 27 credits and passing a Praxis exam and then I can add science to my teaching certificate. Hopefully this will help me in next year's job hunting.

I returned to Laramie for school which some people find very funny since I was so glad to get out of here the first time. In all honesty, I am really enjoying my experience here the second time around. Mountain View kind of drained my social life so it is really nice to be in a college atmosphere again. Although, I did have an experience where 2 18 year old boys tried to hit on me and my roommate and we have been teased about that ever since. I wanted to say, "um, boys, I could have been your teacher last year...probably you should move on to someone a little less seasoned." Poor kids. Anyways, I really have been having a blast and although I'm not used to the whole homework thing anymore it appears that my classes are going to be pretty simple.

Hopefully you won't give up on me again. Chantel threatened me with my life and/or the hacking off of limbs if I don't keep my blog updated so I will do my best to provide new and great ramblings for those of you that care to sit through it.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello. My name is Olivia Walker and I'm an addict. Movies are my weakness...buying, watching, quoting, re-watching, sorting, alphabetising (don't judge me). Recently I went on a rampage and bought something like 20 movies in less than 10 days. Of course I can't use the excuse that I have the money so its ok because quite obviously as an unemployed college graduate I have NO money. No no, that would be too simple. Really I am going to blame this all on Devin and here is why.

One fine day my beloved brother called me to ask a favor. This favor would take me to the movie section of walmart to retrieve Monsters vs. Aliens. Everything was going according to plan (and by plan I mean put on your blinders and block out everything until the new releases because I can't afford new releases nor do I believe in paying full price for anything) until I actually got to the media center and then the "plan" went to pieces. The $5 movies were right in front of me...unavoidably so. In my weakness I grabbed 4 of them before I managed to steer back on course.

When I arrived home in all my shame I fell again and started searching for musicals on Amazon of which I found 5. $$$$$ :( I thought I had finished and headed to Salt Lake for a weekend with my sister and some friends when one of those friends asked me to go to the store with her. This seemed safe enough to me since we were GROCERY shopping. I felt that I had made a big step forward until she turned in to blockbuster, "just to look, Liv." I may have also grabbed 4 movies there at the $5 stands.

What can I say? I am deeply troubled. However, in my defense each movie was a superb choice ranging from classic musical to crazy comedy. I guess the good note is that I recognize my addiction. The problem is that I, like so many other addicts, have no desire to change my behavior. So, yes, my name is Olivia Walker and I am an addict...I'll deal :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On the Road Again

Over the past 10 months I have officially had 5 different addresses. To put my feelings about this plainly...IT SUCKS! I hate packing, moving, starting over, finding jobs, making new friends, learning new places, changing mailing addresses, UNpacking, etc. The whole process just brings on a plethora of negative emotions. To top it all off, every time I move I end up doubting myself. Is this right? Am I really supposed to be here? What if I could have had a better job there or built better relationships somewhere else? Well, a week or two ago I moved to Evanston where Josh and Tammy have been amazing enough to let me move in with them and I have been surprised at the positive feelings that I have been having about it. I mean, let's face it, evanston wyoming? not exactly my dream town, especially when I was having so much fun in salt lake. While I was waiting for those expected negative feelings to overcome me I have really just continued to feel like everything is right in the world. I love being at Josh and Tammy's and helping out however I can. It is always fun watching the kids and relaxing to just watch movies or play on youtube, etc with J and T. Plus, Josh is taking care of my laptop that has been in desperate need of some TLC which I am just not educated enough to give it. I still haven't broken in to the Evanston single society but I figure that will come with time. I'm still traveling to salt lake pretty frequently to see friends I've made there so I'm sure that when I finally stick around for a weekend I will have a better chance to make some friends here. So, I guess my old stake president was right (President Turner in Laramie) when he said every time he talked to us to unpack our boxes and make every new place a home and a place worth staying in. While I have needed that little attitude adjustment over the past 10 months and 5 moves, I think I am finally starting to get it and things are no longer looking as bleak as they did when I would start to pack those first boxes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Joys of Single Life

As you may have noticed blogging is not my specialty. In fact, I think that my 1 weak attempt at a post so far has been pretty sad. Forgive me. I couldn't keep a journal either so just make do with the snippets you get ha ha ha.

A lot has happened in the past 2 months since my last post. I went on a road trip to Lovell, WY with Chantel and Michael over the 4th of July and we had a lot of fun! Then I got kicked out of Jordan's house, but it is short term :) Really, poor Jordan just didn't want to have to move all of my crap upstairs when they flip flopped apartments with their renters, and I don't blame her for that. She says I can move back in but who knows if that will really happen? I started nannying for Josh and Tammy while they have hectic schedules. Then Chantel and Michael had to go and get married...tear. Ok, I'm not really sad, it is just so hard to believe that my baby sister is married...to a guy...that she lives with. I never thought the day would come but I'm so happy for those two crazy kids and I'm happy to have Michael in the family for reals now.

There has been a lot of post wedding and post reception excitement that I should probably share. First is the scary exciting story of how I got hit by a car. Here is the rundown. I was watching Dakota and Izzy at Josh and Tammy's in Evanston when this all went down. Tammy was leaving for work and basically to calm the beast that was going to be Dakota we both told him that I could take him to the park. No problem, the park is just across the street. So I had just gotten out of the shower and Tammy left so I put shoes on the 3 of us and we took our jaunt to the park. Only problem is, we never made it there. We were crossing the street (no cars both ways, looked and looked again) and when we were about half way across the street an suv pulled on to the street we were crossing, still forever away but Dakota saw it so he kind of sped up and was walking in front of me. Next thing I know I'm knocked off my feet by a little black car, the driver of which was a little blonde high school chick who I am willing to bet was texting or on the phone. So, my flip flops go flying, luckily Dakota was in front of me so he didn't get scratched even, and somehow I managed to catch Izzy before she could fall out of my arms - seriously a miracle. We scrambled over to the sidewalk and I was seriously thinking the whole time that this couldn't possibly be happenning to me and the whole things was just unreal. I mean, how many people do you know personally that have been hit by a car? Well, now you know me I guess. I had my first ambulance ride and got to experience the ER. They took x-rays of my knee which turned out to be ok. Nothing seriously damaged, just bumps and bruises. Both knees were quite banged up and my left elbow where I smacked the ground before Izzy could turned out to be the most irritating ouchy of the whole event. Thank heavens for a loving Father in Heaven and guardian angels, all 3 of us were looked out for that day!

Other exciting news is my trip to Bear Lake with my singles/university ward in slc. Mind you, this was only 3 or 4 days post car accident that I struck out on my journey to the lake but I had been absent from my ward here for over a month and I needed some serious social time to "heal." I could go in to so much detail but that would just get old fast. Suffice it to say that I met a lot more people and got to know the ones I was already friends with better. Super Hottie 1 taught me to dance and gave me a kiss and Super Hottie 2 taught me how to country swing and just being in their presence was enough to make me forget my aches and pains. I got out on the waverunner for a bit but didn't get to try wakeboarding due to hurt knees so I guess I'll save that for next time. We camped out in tents and the first night there was practically a tornado that tore 1 tent in half, snapped the thick bar of our big tent, and sent 2 more tents flying through the field we were staying in. The next night was beautiful though and we got to lay out under the stars and watch the meteor showers. Of course the temperature dropped dramatically overnight so everyone in my car called it a day and headed back to the city. All I can say is that while it is nice to see all my friends getting married and having kids even, I am still really enjoying the single life. I love the friends I have and the friends I am making and while I'm excited for the next step in life, this one isn't as bad as I once thought it was :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

Ever since I turned about 12 or 13 I have lived with a birthday curse. Each year, without fail, I have been sick on my birthday! While my mom and Jordan have taken advantage of this and laughed at things I may or may not have said in my illness induced delirium in the past, this year they were left with no new material. That's right, for the first time in about ten years I DID NOT get sick on my birthday!!!!! I had a few friends text me and facebook messeages with birthday well-wishes because of course we don't actually call people anymore lol, and my day went off without a hitch. In fact, I even convinced Devin to come to Salt Lake and go to a Stake FHE activity with me that night.

Jordan and David deserve a special thanks for making 22 a great birthday. Jo and the kids took me to the zoo which I never get tired of and then out to lunch. After nap time and upon Devin's arrival we went to dinner at a bakery where I also got to pick out a birthday dessert especially for ME! Then Dev and I hit up FHE and played some volleyball...mind you it wasn't always good volleyball. More like family reunion volleyball where the older generation uses 2 hands to slap the ball in a move that is clearly illegal but play continues anyways. Ya, there was a lot of that, but I haven't played in about 4 months and it felt good to get back on the court so I stuck it out.

I have to say that 22 doesn't feel much different than 21 and I'm ok with that cause 21 was great! This probably isn't where I thought I would be at 22 but I love the friends I'm making and the time I get to share with Jo and David and clan. My friend Alex teased me that I'm getting old and haggard and I just thought, "you dirty son of a gun, you have no room to talk since you're 25!" So, to sum up: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and any other ally that there is, I feel great with one more year under my belt!